Thursday, 2 February 2012

A penguin rolling down a hill

Do you remember that old joke "what's black and white and black and white and black and white...."? There are lots of answers, but my favourite is the penguin rolling down the hill.

Anyway, this is a necklace I made over a year ago. I wore it first on a work trip to Brighton (incidentally Brighton has two very nice bead shops... my favourite was KerrieBerrie, which sells some very pretty and unique beads). It's very cheering to wear things you have made yourself when you go away, I always think. It's like taking an old friend along with you.

Anyway, particularly in view of this being a work trip and all, I thought it would be really sophisticated to have it in a monochrome palette. Rather handily I had been given these nice silver-coloured filigree beads for Christmas by my sister. Since I wasn't being very adventurous on the colour front, I mixed up the sizes and textures, and ended up with something I was actually quite pleased with. I strung it on black tiger-tail (from the now-closed-down local craft shop that I may mention again in this blog, if only to mourn its passing) - so it wasn't very drapey, but that was OK. I liked the way the black tiger-tail shows though the filigree beads and the clear glass seed beads - neither of which you can see at all in these photos, it must be said, but that's why I'm telling you about it! The obvious advantage of choosing this colour-scheme is supposed to be that it's pretty hard to find any item of clothing that doesn't go with it.

Although, you know, it turns out that I do have some things that don't go with it. That is my not-entirely-convincing excuse for continuing to make more things.

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