Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Earrings for cancer care

Tonight I did a good deed: I made some earrings to raise money for a local cancer care charity.

One of my friends is going to run the London Marathon this year to raise money for this charity. She's been following the programme her trainer has designed for her. She is currently at the stage of racking up the miles week on week, with only one rest day in between each training session. She is struggling to eat enough calories to maintain her weight - despite eating record levels of chocolate!

Anyway, to raise money for this charity, she has been holding jewellery sales of second-hand costume jewellery donated by friends.

The earrings shown here are in fact for illustration purposes only (I couldn't give these to her because I couldn't resist trying them on myself!). However, the ones I made for her today are made from the same batch of earwires and headpins/eyepins as the ones shown here - I didn't have time to photograph hers before handing them over. 

I find it hard to get the wraps nice and neat with this wire, as it's quite thick and not very soft - still, that does mean they are pretty strong once they are made. The wooden rings were recycled from a cheap elasticated bracelet bought in a street market in York last summer. The glass dangles are actually a little more brightly coloured in real life than in this picture, especially when the light's shining through them.

My friend, by the way, went home via the chip shop!

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  1. Just an update to say SHE DID IT! What an amazing achievement. She trained so hard and stuck with it through all weathers. She is a real inspiration!!