Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Rain, mist, ocean, chloros

These are earrings I made for my youngest sister - the one I call "the arty one" on this blog; she loves dangly earrings and the colour green! I made these for her last year, but I didn't take any photos of them at the time so today I took the opportunity to take some photos for this blog.

Until today it was hot and sunny, but today we're suddenly in a rain-soaked world: lush green trees rising out of the mist, with the sea all around (ocean. I must remember to call it the ocean). We also went to the swimming-pool today so we all smell faintly of chlorine. Chlorine was named by Sir Humphrey Davy from the Greek word χλωρος (chlōros), meaning yellow-green. So these earrings, all in all, seem to reflect the day quite well.

My sister suggested that I could go outside and take some pictures on the patio under the shelter of the balcony. Excitingly, I got to use her amazing camera complete with tripod. I felt very professional, even if I did have to stand the tripod on a super-size box of baby-wipes in order to get it up to the level I needed.


  1. Helloooo:-)
    I can admit-I have been waiting for Your new beading projects,though I see Your blog must be very new and You didn't have much time to make more blog posts with Your Work,but those two pairs of pretty earrings are the following things,after the necklace You presented last time,that have interested me in Your Blog very much.Specially the first one,with shells,but both are so nice composed and with beautiful colors.
    Happy Beading to You and Best Greetings from Spring Sweden-Halinka-

    1. Thank you, and happy beading to you too! :-)