Sunday, 12 January 2014

Help me overcome my "block" and get back into making jewellery!

Suggestions / general encouragement please! I came across these chunky ceramic disc beads (about 3cm diameter) from Beads Unlimited and really liked the bright colours. I think this might just be my route back into making jewellery! I have been experiencing something of a "block" lately, for reasons unknown.

Here I have put them together with some navy blue waxed cotton and large-hole silver spacers, planning on making a necklace. The colours here are almost true - the second disc down is a sort of salmony-pink and the fifth one, at the bottom, is a bright, pillar-box red.

All suggestions and encouragement welcome! What would you do with them?

De Clutter 2014 Week 2! (OK, I sort of skipped week 1).

Inspired by Bonnie at Jasper's Gems I am doing a big de-clutter over 2014.

Today I have done 2 clear-outs!

Firstly I have sorted out my son's wardrobe. He had a growth spurt a couple of months ago and I'd got him the next size up in lots of things (and recently augmented his wardrobe further in the January Sales). But I had not got round to passing on (to the charity shop) all those old favourites that are now slightly too small, so we were running out of space to put anything anywhere.

So I sorted out his clothes today. I was really worried that he would take offence, as he doesn't like change very much when imposed by others (well, who does?) but he was SO pleased to wear his new pyjamas that he specially requested a photo be taken of him wearing them! (no comment on whether this may have been actually a cunning ruse to spin out bedtime...)

The second clear-out I haven't quite finished yet for today - it has also been forced on me by shopping in the January Sales (damn that online shopping, it's far too easy): so I have been thinning out my own wardrobe too. Gotta make some space for the new stuff, after all!