Friday, 24 February 2012

Necklace takes a trip out for afternoon tea in the sun

My sister and I are visiting our other sister, so yesterday we all went out for afternoon tea. It was a beautiful setting and we had an amazing view of what I like to call "the sea" (apparently to be correct however we should call it the Harbour, or possibly the Ocean). We had a lovely time and ate lots of cakes! But they were just tiny little cakes, so that's all right.

I'd brought my sister a necklace because she'd said she liked the colours in this picture:

Taken in the weak and feeble winter sun of Northern England

She was wearing the necklace yesterday, so my other sister (who'd brought her extremely swanky camera along to record the event) kindly volunteered to take some pictures of the necklace's trip out to post on this blog. (Extremely Swanky Camera sister is now officially dubbed The Arty One). She also likes all things Cath-Kidston-esque so you can imagine how much she liked this traditional tea-set we drank our tea from:

The cup and saucer! The sugar-bowl! (note: picture taken prior to pouring tea into cup)

The silver teapot! - And yes, that's real sunshine in the background!
 It was, quite possibly, the Afternoon Tea of a lifetime.

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