Monday, 30 January 2012

Problems with dangliness

At about the time that I made those earrings for my sister, I made some earrings for myself, too.

The shell beads are really good for earrings because they're so light, compared to glass beads of the same size; also the greens and blues in them go with virtually all the colour schemes I use. I got the other beads from our local craft shop before it closed down (of course it's sad that it closed down, but there was a silver lining; some of their stock later turned up in the local stationery shop at greatly reduced prices).

Even though these earrings are not as dangly as the ones I made for my sister, they're still pretty dangly and I found that they often got caught in clothing; there were some jumpers that I just couldn't wear with them. So after this I stopped making such long dangly earrings, unless specifically requested. At some point I plan to re-do them using simple (non-wrapped) loops to take some of the length out, and maybe add in a small crystal or two for teh bling ...

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