Thursday, 26 April 2012

Two heads are better than four

It's been a really rainy week here. Occasionally, it's been sunny in the morning, just to fool you into putting fine-weather clothes on, and then as soon as you leave for work - that's it! It's set for rain for the rest of the day. I didn't even go out for a run tonight: I like running in light rain, but not when it's absolutely tipping it down. The raindrops cover my glasses and I end up running into lamp-posts and the like.

Anyway I decided I needed a bit of cheering up - so here are my Happy Earrings!

They're made from a mixture of factory-made beads (on the top half of the dangle; the interesting rhomboid-shaped ones are Preciosa Czech beads) and hand-made beads (on the bottom half of the dangle - I like the irregular shapes of those ones at the bottom). It's a bit of a random selection, but I really liked the way the colours and textures went together.

I wanted two dangle sections for swinginess, and because the beads are so non-matchy I wanted to make each section out of the same sort of wire. In the end I went for the easy solution: I took four headpins and beheaded two of them! What do you call a headpin without a head? A pin, I suppose...

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  1. I think these are extremely beautiful, but perhaps that's because I love green so much?!