Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The funky dangly earrings

Right... have had a chance to quickly photograph the funky dangly earrings.

The leaf charms were chosen by my sister when we were shopping in Australia, so of course they were the most important part of the earrings and I designed the rest of the earrings around them. The vivid turquoise and contrasting red are inspired by the bright colours and crisp dark shadows you get in Australia.

I originally planned three-section earrings with the leaf at the bottom, for maximal dangliness, but then I thought it would be nice if the leaves could hang as a backdrop to the three (brass / twotone / turquoise) beads, which looks a bit more organic and informal. Above that, in the top section, I reflected this arrangement but I substituted turquoise crystals for the brass beads, because crystals catch the light so nicely on earrings as they swing around.

I'm pretty pleased with these, they hang nicely... I will ask my youngest sister whether she would like these for her birthday, since she chose the charms herself.


  1. Hi there! Love the colors in these earrings! ps...thanks for the follow at my blog. I just followed you back. ;)

  2. I find these very evocative of Australia as well, I see exactly what you mean. I am very very excited to be receiving these :-)