Thursday, 19 April 2012

Stoney asymmetric necklace

This is the necklace I worked on for ages - I mentioned it in my post "On having things in progress".

This is made from a combination of handmade beads (the opaque purple and green beads, the gold-streaked black beads, and the lampworked spotty bead on the dangle section) and high-quality Czech beads (the green hearts, the crystals, and the purple veined cube beads). The two long silver beads are upcycled from a very special, handmade, baby-safe necklace which I used to wear a lot when my son was very small. I guess that's why I spent so long trying to get this right.

I like the design of the main section - it has a nice heavy, drapey feel - but I am not convinced I have got the dangle section quite right; it has to be light enough not to pull down too much on the main section, but interesting enough to balance out or complement the main section. I wonder now whether just a single silver charm pendant might have been better. Still - I can always wear this for a bit and switch the dangle section for a new pendant (possibly a handmade silver one I bought on Folksy ages ago) pretty easily, since I just used jump rings to attach everything.

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