Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wibbly wobbly seed beading attempt

I made these earrings following a pattern in (I think it was) Bead and Button. My son had the idea of displaying it hanging from the hole in a CD, which made a nice picture. But I did take another photo to show you the lattice-like back of the earrings, too:
I am not sure what the Bead and Button beaders would have thought about my efforts here - these certainly aren't as neat-looking as the ones in the magazine. In fact, I would say that my attempt is distinctly wibbly wobbly, although luckily you can't tell that so much when looking at them from the front. Also, somehow they did not turn out exactly as I had thought they would: when you actually wear them, they are rather too unsubtle. I think in retrospect maybe a more interesting colour for the crystals would have been better; also, possibly not using sixteen crystals per earring might have helped too!

Trouble is, it always takes me so long to do seed beading that now I want to keep these earrings just to prove that I finished them. So here they are. Wibbly wobbly beading and all.

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