Friday, 9 March 2012

A necklace in two parts

I am feeling pleased with myself about how this one turned out.

For this necklace I started off by dividing it into sections. Between each section I put more or less the same beads (the middle two sections got some extra silver beads to draw the eye down to the bottom of the necklace). Within each section the beads were arranged in a semi random order. I wanted to finish with a clasp so that it would be easy to tell which part of the necklace was the middle bit that should hang at the bottom of the necklace.

Part the First: necklace
But then - I tried the necklace on again, and thought "wouldn't it be cool if it were a bit longer?" But I didn't have enough of the other sorts of beads to add more of the same sections. So instead, I used the same type of clasp to make a bracelet with some of the same beads, but this time with stricter rotational symmetry:

Part the Second: bracelet
So the necklace and bracelet are different designs, but because they have some of the same beads they go together quite nicely -

The two parts compared
So then what you can do is link the necklace and bracelet together to make a super-long necklace, with the bracelet part going round the back of your neck. I've laid out out here to show how the join goes, but when it's being worn it straightens out into one long swingy necklace. Hurrah!

Two parts linked together!


  1. I like Your 'sea climates' very much.
    You configured the colors very nice and composed fine pieces with nice beads.

    1. Thank you! I guess I must have been influenced by all that exposure to the sea (sorry: ocean) while visiting my sister!

  2. Yes, they do go together nicely and make me want to go on holiday. Just lovely

  3. That's a clever idea to be able to connect your necklace and bracelet like that :) And here's the tutorial you wanted on how to make those earrings:

    1. Thank you so much! I am sure my attempt won't be as neat as yours though!

  4. That is an absolutely genius idea! Also, I really like the way the necklace and bracelet/extension piece go together beautifully but are not actually identical in design. For some reason I don't think it would be quite so nice if the bracelet/extender was just like another short length of exactly the same pattern, though I don't know why (though possibly this is just my personal prejudice against exactly-matching necklace-and-bracelet sets in general - and three-piece-suites!)