Friday, 16 March 2012

Doesn't this make you want to make polymer clay beads?

Rebekah at Tree Wings Studio is doing a giveaway of some of her polymer clay beads. They are so gorgeous! My favourite is her "sleepy woodland creatures" set. Don't they make you want to make polymer clay beads yourself? But you know, I remember trying to make beads out of Fimo when I was a kid, and they never came out anything near satisfactory.

From Rebekah's giveaway at Tree Wings Studio
But! That was in the days before the internet! A quick googlesearch (and I'm posting the links here for my own reference) reveals several websites with tutorials and instructions for making polymer clay stuff, from a basic intro to polymer clay, a description of basic bead-making, a blog with lots of clear tutorials, and even a polymer clay "encyclopedia". Gosh there is a lot of information out there... but look! there's even a guild of British polymer clay artists!

Well, this is all very exciting, and I might get into polymer clay one day, but I'm getting waaaaaay ahead of myself as I also love glass beads and the way they both transmit and reflect light. Back to the beading table...


  1. They are pretty cute.Mostly those with the sleeping animals.I love her polimer clay beads too.