Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Getting Past Creative Block: Let It Grow

This is what I did to get past my creative block and get started making things again.
  • I took inspiration from something with real emotional content for me
  • I tried to communicate that emotional content in my work
  • For the purposes of getting past creative block, I told myself that it is not relevant whether the work was good or not-good. The only important thing, I told myself, is whether the work speaks.
  • I had a lot of fun hammering wire.
I think actually that last point was probably the most important one.

Let it Grow Necklace

Where this started from was actually the wire-hammering and combination of elements that I described in this blog post. The curling shapes were meant to represent the thaw of the frozen forest, the sudden blossoming of flowers and the  growing of wild vines in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - especially the scene when Bacchus arrives and they all have an enormous party! Then at the last moment I added the little blue ceramic bird from BlueBerriBeads, left over from the Bead Soup Blog Party.

It is quite a riotous necklace. If worn with very sensible clothes, it might be called a "statement necklace", except that the statement usually made by statement necklaces is something like I spent a lot of money on this necklace whereas the statement I was trying to make was more like


Which reminds me. I really ought to get round to watching Frozen one of these days...

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