Monday, 9 June 2014

In which we are all infected by Tour de Yorkshire Fever

It seems that Yorkshire has gone completely Tour de Yorkshire mad. For those who have been on another planet for the past few months, this year Le Grand Depart of the Tour de France will take place in Yorkshire. This is very exciting for everyone. To put it mildly.

Yorkshirepeople have been decorating their homes, villages, shops, public buildings, and anything else they can with Tour de France-themed things:

Tour de Yorkshire Fever
Inspired by the mini jerseys hanging up on the Ceramic Cafe in that top-right image, I decided to make little yellow-jersey earrings with some of the scraps of left-over felt from our toy-making. These cute little jerseys are sewn on to bits of wire bent into the shape of coat hangers. You can see both sides in this picture here, but they hang so that the coathanger-side is towards the back. 

Tour de Yorkshire earrings

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