Sunday, 3 February 2013

Stepping up a grade, silver, my sister, and the sea.

As people who know me may have heard, I'm supposed to be going up a grade at work soon - hurrah! I won't be contracted to work any nights or weekends anymore, so I will actually be taking a pay cut, but it will be my first exposure to formal meetings etc and will definitely help me develop new skills. All this is a good reason to upgrade my wardrobe - which in turn will necessitate some suitably sober necklaces that are not too long, jangly or whimsical!

Of course I wanted to wear a necklace that has meaning to me. So I chose this beautiful bead which my sister in Australia chose for me. It's white with gold speckles, and because of its shape it reminds me very much of a sea-shell glistening on the shore. So in line with the "sea" theme, I made a silver <cough-plated-cough> wire spiral, added some iridescent pink spacers, and threaded this pendant onto a string of seed beads and amethyst chips. Of course, as it is a sea-themed necklace, I had to go for a lobster clasp! - but may later upgrade the silver connector ring to something else if it gets too tatty-looking with use (this is what happened to a previous necklace using these components for clasps - I think it was just tarnish rather than the silver-plating wearing away).

I've wound it round twice in the picture above so you can see what I mean about the clasp, but the picture below shows how I've used the two colours of seed-beads - in a pattern inspired by the "colour blocking" trend of the past few years. Basically there's a section of silver-cored seed beads, then shiny dark-grey ones at the bottom, then silver-cored ones again. Having learnt from my previous "rustic" bracelet, I chose some of my better-quality seed beads that aren't too irregularly shaped!

What do you think? I am very pleased with it.

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