Sunday, 20 January 2013

Muddy English winter

This is the last of the sunny photos. Here, I wanted to make a more subtle necklace that would Go With My Stuff, especially with the higher necklines that it's nice to wear in this cold draughty weather.

I have a lot of blue-themed necklaces (probably because I am always drawn to blue colours when buying beads) but nothing that goes well with warmer colours. I was also thinking about the thin, watery light we are getting now, and the muted colours and bare earth of a muddy English winter.

So here, I paired green glass with picture jasper, and with white and blue wooden rondelles. The simplicity and symmetry of the overall design is complimented by the individuality of each jasper bead. The findings (clasp, crimps, crimp covers) are all tarnished-copper tones.

I can't show you the whole thing because as originally photographed here (on that sunny day) I wasn't quite happy with the finishing around the clasp area. So I have re-strung it today, with improved end-sections, and am now pleased with it.

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  1. Those colors/stones are lovely together and I'd be happy to wear that necklace year 'round.