Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Little bird(s)

For these "little bird" earrings I decided to use my 0.8mm wire instead of 0.4mm, and to keep the wire-wrapping under rather firmer control this time! I've actually had these little red-white-and-blue millefiore glass beads for a while, and was wondering how to use them - and these cute little bird charms just seem to go perfectly. I think all the different components of these earrings in fact came via Beads Unlimited, although they were bought at different times, some online and some in the actual shop. Because I do like my bead shopping!

The brown beads, which are Czech glass, are shot with a yellow-brown shade, rather like tiger's eye quartz. It doesn't come out well in the first picture, so I took another photo using a different view. I like the contrast with the intense turquoise - it suits the time of year.

"Little Bird" is also a splendid song by Annie Lennox from the early 1990s  - see, the early 1990s weren't universally dreadful for music, were they? In this video, she was clearly having enormous amounts of fun hamming it up, and it didn't appear to matter a jot that she was seven months' pregnant at the time. Annie Lennox is, in general, extremely cool - musician, mother, political activist, charity campaigner... And her music reminds me of when I was young and firmly believed that women could do anything they liked in the world, as long as they really tried. That was highly naive, of course, but it was nice to grow up with that belief for a little while. And it's a good philosophy to have for oneself, anyway, even if it's not always strictly true in the real world.


  1. Those birds are SO CUTE. Springtime-tastic!

  2. Those are sweet! And I remember dancing to a lot of Annie Lennox in my day!

  3. Those are the cutest little bird charms! love them on the earrings! And, Annie Lennox has always been one of my favorites!