Sunday, 4 January 2015

Magician's Nephew necklace

So, here are my first ideas on The Magician's Nephew necklace. It's a work in progress - so far I am just putting different colours and textures together and seeing what happens.

So I started with woods, gold faceted beads for the sciencey part, and blue/green crystals for peacocks and Art Nouveau. Copper likes blues and greens, so I started on a new coil of bright copper wire. Both the round wooden beads and the faceted gold beads came from a street market in Barcelona, which is nice because it reminds me of being there.

I spent a while playing around with the copper wire - this is the first time I've really used this metal. Compared to the silver-plated copper I have used before, it feels a lot softer - partly because it's only 0.6mm thick, and I usually work with 0.8mm wire. Even with hammering, it doesn't hold its shape particularly well. You have to twist multiple strands together to get anything that holds it shape at all.

First thoughts on what should go into the necklace
After putting all these together, I decided I didn't have enough of the right sort of green and blue beads. So I delved into my stash further to find some other green/blue beads to complete the effect. In my next post you will see how it all turns out.

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