Monday, 31 March 2014

Some ingredients of the Bead Soup I sent to Stacy

Stacy tells me she received the Bead Soup I sent her (phew - WHY did I not send it recorded delivery?) so I can now post photos! Unfortunately, not all my photos of this soup came out properly, because I was in a hurry.

Here are the less-blurred ingredients:

a) lampwork toggle clasp from Earthshine Beads
b) poppy jasper rounds from Beadworks, Covent Garden
c) dark blue Bohemian faceted crystal - bought from Ron Chudy's shop when I was in Australia

all of which are shown (not all in perfect focus) in the photo below.

Photo the First. Demonstrating the refractive power of, er, plastic.
The focal is:
d) a lampwork heart bead from Craven and White

Photo the Second. Pillowcase: stylist's own.
The soup also contains:
e) some other stuff not shown here, because I am a rubbish photographer.

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