Sunday, 21 October 2012

In Which We Discover That Tiggers Do Not Like Carrots

So, my son's class at school has done this amazing thing and helped to sponsor a Bengal tiger in Nepal.

In return, they were sent a small cuddly tiger, and so the children are taking it in turns to take Little Kamrita home with them for the weekend. We had the honour of being the very first family to host Little Kamrita, so we decided to take her to the museum so we could help her learn all about different sorts of animals (they have a whole floor dedicated to natural history - fantastic!).

Rather happily, the natural history floor also happens to house the museum cafe. Because Little Kamrita was our special guest, we treated her to a cafe-latte and a slice of the cafe's excellent carrot cake. Although then "we had to eat it for her because her teeth were rather new..."

Here is Kamrita saying with regal hauteur: "Carrots? Carrots? We are a tiger!" Sorry, ma'am.


  1. That is a wonderful theme for fundraising, Sarah, and the little plush tiger is certainly a delightful way to engage the children. Do the families keep a journal of Kamrita's activities?

    1. Yes, there's a journal - that's why I took the photo of Little Kamrita with her latte! And, slightly scarily, the teacher reads out the journal entry to the whole class on Monday morning. :-D