Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Stealth earrings and grey hair

I wore these little earrings for the first time today. They are a nice weight and length but it turns out that  the grey glass dangle at the bottom is quite a disturbingly similar colour to my hair - so they are maybe just that little bit too subtle. AKA - Stealth Earrings!

Still - if I'd done these again I'd have liked to try a more vivid colour on the dangle part, to match the vividness of the blues on the connector part. Either light blue crystal, or a contrasting colour in opaque like orangey-gold. As I don't have either of those things, these earrings are just going to have to stay stealthy, at least for the time being.

An alternative strategy, of course, might be to dye my hair a colour other than grey!


  1. Ah, nah! I quit dying my hair about 2-3 years ago and love it. No more 3 hour visits to the salon to get my color done and enduring a slightly itchy sensation while it's being done. If you want a contrast, go to your local Sally's or other beauty supply and see if they have those single-tress hair extensions. I bought one in HOT pink (it has a tiny clip) and put it in then trimmed it to match. Fun! :D My mom is threatening to buy a blue one for her first day back at work and I told her I'd help if she did! Just, if you do, make sure it's human hair, not synthetic. The fake stuff is stiff, won't flow right with your hair and they shed easily. I'd say get a blue one to match the earrings! ;)

    1. Thanks! Now, detachable is an idea I hadn't thought of - I wouldn't normally get a bright colour dye because I have to be sensible at work.