Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Still Here!

I've had a major work deadline recently which kind of took up all my headspace.

But last weekend I took my little boy to the Leeds City Museum which was surprisingly good - especially the animal gallery with stuffed animals, fossils and bones - including the Wortley Hippo, part of a dodo, and even some fossilised dinosaur poo. On the upper floor, they have the Ancient Worlds exhibition, including some good specimens of ancient Egyptian beaded jewellery.

And yay! I have my own bead-related news! We recently took a trip to the Birmingham Bead Shop which is in the Custard Factory, a very cool place. And I bought some lovely beads, including some volcanic lava beads and some extremely cute porcelain owls.

Watch this space for, you know, actual jewellery.

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